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Our Domestic Manufacturing History

Sanlo started in 1957 and has become an industry leader in the mechanical cable assemblies and wire rope industry.  We are a trusted source of custom mechanical cable assemblies and provide bulk bare and coated cable. Sanlo takes pride in our domestic manufacturing and want to use this section of our website to provide an overview of the American standards we meet, our domestic products, our capabilities, and why we put such a large emphasis on American manufacturing. 

Domestic Manufacturing Standards Sanlo Division Meets


The Buy American Act outlines that the cost of product supplies manufactured outside of the USA must not exceed 50% of the total price of the final product. Meaning, if various supplies for wire rope are manufactured outside of the USA, those costs must be less than 50% of the wire rope’s final price. If steel is melted overseas, the manufacturer’s cost contribution has to exceed 50% of the overall cost in meeting the requirements of the Buy American Act.


The Buy America Act requires 100% of a product to be manufactured in the USA, including the steel mill products. To fit Buy America requirements, the melting of the steel, the stranding, and the closing process must be performed within the USA.


Made in USA means that “all or virtually all” of a product has been made in America. Not only does this include the significant parts of the product must being from America, but that the processing and labor going into the product must also be completed in America under Made in USA specifications.

Domestic Manufacturing Standards Sanlo Division Meets


At our American manufacturing facility, we have a wide range of hardware stock available, alongside the ability to offer numerous engineering services. When you want the best wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies, choose domestic. Find out more about our hardware options here

Jacketed Cable:

Jacketing can be provided over galvanized or stainless steel in any of our various cable diameters and constructions. Our custom jacketing process is completed at our Michigan, Indiana facility. Learn more about our jacketed cable here

Our Domestic Manufacturing Page


Our domestic manufacturing page provides an in-depth look at Sanlo. On our facility page you can get insight into the USA manufacturing standards and specifications we currently meet, proof of qualifications, and ID numbers. Browse an in-depth guide of our capabilities on our page!

Why American Manufacturing is Important to Us

Sanlo firmly believes in the importance of domestically sourcing products. In recent years, companies have begun outsourcing products and manufacturing factories to other countries more than ever before. However, we remained loyal to our USA roots. By spending money at an American company, you are supporting American employees, which helps keep the manufacturing industry alive. In addition, you are directly boosting the American manufacturing sector and economy.