Recreational Sports

Hunting and Fishing Cables

  • Hang-on Tree Stand Cable
  • Climbing Tree Stand Cable
  • Hunting Bow Press Cable
  • Fishing Cable

Manufacturers of recreational sports equipment can count on Sanlo to provide specialized cable and assemblies for fishing line, hunting bow presses, climbing and hang-on trees stands. Sanlo also provides exercise equipment cables.

hang-on tree stand cable

Hang-on Tree Stand Cable

Our stainless steel cables for hang-on tree stands deck support have end fittings securely pressed to support weight, and are color matched to fit your brand.  The end fittings are plated black to reduce glare.

Climbing Tree Stand Cable

Sanlo manufactures the quality stainless steel cables that are pivotal in the use of climbing tree stands. Climbing tree stand cable is made from rigid 1×19 strand construction to allow cables to maintain their curvature without getting caught on the tree.

climbing tree stand cable
hunting bow press cable

Hunting Bow Press Cable

Sanlo offers premium stainless steel cable products used in hunting bow presses. Cables for bow press, are specially lubricated cables that to allow smooth operation around pulleys, our cable have multiple stops swaged to allow use on various size bows.

Fishing Cable

Sanlo manufactures quality stainless steel cable in bulk quantities for trolling line, rigging line, stainless cable, & leader assembly sellers.

fishing cable