Safety & Emergency

  • Emergency Shutoff Cable & Safety Cable
  • Lock Out / Tag Out Safety Cable

Don’t put your employees or equipment in added danger. Put safety first and call us today to purchase your own emergency safety cable.

sanlo shutoff cable

Emergency Shutoff Cable - Bright Color Coated / Extruded

Sanlo manufactures an emergency shutoff cables which provide a shut down of dangerous equipment in emergency situations. These cables are coated in highly visible red vinyl for use on conveyor belt systems. We also sell tiller clamps, eyebolts, and thimbles for easy installation in the field.

Lock Out / Tag Out Safety Cable

Sanlo produces cable assemblies for the Lock Out Tag Out market that are used to prevent the injury of employees by disconnecting machinery and equipment from their energy source. The Lock Out Tag Out program is an OSHA requirement and create a sense of safety for employees while maintaining equipment. Sanlo’s Lock Out Tag Out assemblies are durable enough to withstand workplace conditions and can come in various sizes and colors.
lockout tagout safety cable