• Airhose Support Cable
  • Bottom Rod Support Cable
  • Autorack Car Safety & Door Cable
  • Center Beam Tie-down Cable

Sanlo offers a line of specialized railroad cables. Airhose support cables and bottom rod support cables manufactured by Sanlo are approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). Other Sanlo railcar cable products include: safety cables, door cables for autorack cars, and center beam tie-down cables to secure loads.

air-hose support cables

Air-hose Support Cables

Sanlo manufactures a railroad airhose support cable that is designed to meet or exceed the demands of the AAR’s testing that is incredibly strict on the rail industry.

Bottom Rod Support Cable

Sanlo manufactures a bottom rod support cable that is AAR approved (per S-399) bottom rod safety support. Tools are not required for application and these products are fully adjustable. These products are galvanized aircraft cable with metallic bullet stops and aluminum sleeves, it has a minimum breaking strength of 2,000 lbs.

bottom rod support cables
autorack car safety door cable

Autorack Car Safety & Door Cable

An autorack also known as an auto carrier, is a specialized piece of railroad rolling stock used to transport unladen automobiles. Sanlo manufactures an autorack car safety and door Cable inorder to ensure the safety and security of automobile travelling through railroads. 

Center Beam Tie-down Cable

Sanlo manufactures a wide range of cables that keep the products inside the railcar. These wire rope and chain assembly will help tie-down all products and keep them stable while in transport.
center beam tie down cables