Recreational Vehicles (RV Cable)

  • Coiled Cable
  • Bed Support System Cable
  • Deck Support Cable
  • Release Cable
  • Slide-out Room System Cable
  • Winch Cable

Sanlo offers top quality RV cable products. Contact us today for more information and quotes.

coiled cable

Coiled Cable

RV (Trailer) Coiled Cables are the best solution for anyone who is looking to tow a trailer. Coiled Cables reduce the chance of these cables to drag on the ground.

Bed Support System Cable

Sanlo manufactures a range of cable products engineered to work in your specific bed support system. This cable is vinyl coated and used in pop out trailer beds.  

bed support system
deck support cable

Deck Support Cable

Sanlo offers you a perfect solution to all of your RV deck problems. Toy hauler party deck support cables, rated up to 7,000 lbs. The deck support cables are perfectly engineered to ensure your deck is secured and safe.

Release Cable

Sanlo manufactures trailer release cables which are pivotal in the raising in lowering of beds tables and other things that need to be raised and lowered.
release cable
slide-out room system

Slide-Out Room System Cable

Sanlo manufactures cables that perfectly assist a room slide-out in your trailer or RV.

Winch Cables

Sanlo can manufacture the winch cables that raise and lower pop-up camper systems. Call us to discuss your winch cable specifications.