Custom Assemblies

Made to order for your specific needs.

Sanlo has a wide variety of fittings to meet your custom mechanical cable assembly needs. Our selection ranges from standard commercial fittings to military specification fittings and can even include custom fittings to meet your own specifications.

A large selection of sleeves, stops, balls, studs and more terminals will give us the capability to match your specific needs. All custom cable assemblies are assessed by our in-house engineers and sales team to assist your terminal selection. We can also provide on-site engineering to review your specific application. Expedited samples are often provided to meet your demands.

Custom Cable Quote

Is the cable stainless or galvanized?

What is the construction of the cable?

What diameter is the cable? *for cable only

Is the cable coated?
NylonVinylNo Coating

If so, what color?
If so, what color?

What is on end 1 of the cable?

What is on end 2 of the cable?

What is the overall length of the assembly?
Normal measuring points: center of pinhole (Eye), “pull” of loop (Loop), end of stud (Stud), end of terminal OR pull of terminal (Ball/ Single shank ball)

How many are you looking for?

Upload a file if needed.

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