Security Applications

  • Retail Security Cable
  • Cargo & Bike Lock Cable
  • Computer Security Lock Cable
  • Cable Assemblies For Spring Boxes

Sanlo manufacturers a variety of security cables which will help insure you and your belongings are not at risk of theft.

retail security cable

Retail Security Cable

Sanlo offers a full line of retractable lanyards for retail security devices.  This product is also used in hospitals to secure nursing instruments, thermometers, etc.

Cargo & Bike Lock Cable

Cargo and bicycle lock cables allow you to secure valuable items when there is a possibility of item theft. This product works well with bicycles, motor bikes, ATV’s, scooters, portable generators, and many other personal items that are at risk of theft.

cargo bike lock cables
computer security lock cables

Computer Security Lock Cable

Protect your laptop or desktop device from theft with a computer security lock cable. Perfect for situations where your laptop is at risk of theft. These cables can be customized to color match customers desires.

Cable Assemblies for Spring Box Manufacturers

Sanlo offers a full line of cable assemblies for spring box manufacturers, that provide security at point of purchase displays. These cables are durable nylon coated stainless steel cables that are able to withstand the wear of repeated usage.

spring box manufacturers