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About Us

Sanlo Inc. is a premier manufacturer and designer of custom mechanical cable assemblies, both uncoated and with thermoplastic coatings.

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About Us
About Us

For over 50 years - The Most Trusted Name in Wire Rope and Mechanical Cable Assemblies

- Custom Mechanical Cable Assemblies - Uncoated or with Thermoplastic Coatings

- Bulk Bare and Coated Cable

- Huge Raw Material Inventory Promotes Stable Pricing, Short Lead Times and On-Time Delivery for

- Projects Ranging from Limited Production to High Volume

- Engineering Services, Rapid Prototyping and Product Launch

A World of Solutions.
Wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies provide a world of simple, reliable, cost-effective solutions to
an ever-increasing array of applications in a wide range of industries. Designers the world over are
capitalizing on cable’s unique properties and capabilities to solve mechanical control functions such as
pulling, pushing, driving, indexing, and supporting to name but a few.
Just look around you. Sanlo wire rope and cable assemblies are used by a wide range of industries in an
almost limitless variety of applications. Sanlo has grown to become the most trusted name in wire rope
and cable assemblies in industries including:

- Aerospace
- Construction
- Security
- Agriculture
- Office Furniture
- Industrial Supply


The most trusted name in wire rope and assemblies since 1957.
To meet this growing demand, Sanlo specializes in the manufacture of custom mechanical cable
assemblies, both uncoated and with thermoplastic coatings. Our sales and engineering teams always put
our customers’ needs first, helping you select the best layout and materials for your requirements and
providing the industry’s fastest turnaround times, All to help ensure that you get the most reliable and
economical solutions to your cable design challenges.

A manufacturing facility designed to meet your needs.
All of Sanlo’s administrative, warehousing, distribution, extrusion, and assembly operations are
conducted at our state-of-the-art 100,000 square-foot facility in Michigan City, IN. We offer stainless steel
cable in diameters from .018” to 3/4” and galvanized steel cable in diameters from 1/32” to 1” with all of
the standard wire rope and cable constructions available in either material. We can extrude
thermoplastics to over 1-1/8” diameter, and both coated and uncoated cables can be furnished in reels, in
cut lengths, or custom assembled to your exact specifications. A large variety of wire rope fittings and
application tools is available to match virtually any customer requirements, and we maintain a large onsite
inventory to ensure that your orders are filled promptly.

On spec. On time. Every time.
In everything we do, Sanlo strives to do our best to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our
experienced technical and design teams and our expert Customer Service Department provide the
industry’s most complete product support and after-sales service with the industry’s best delivery time.
Throughout our history, we have maintained a close relationship with our customers to ensure their precisely 
cut cable and swage and press fittings, ensuring that your cable assemblies offer maximumstrength, quality, 
and dependability. Our highly-trained manufacturing technicians and quality controlpersonnel use state-of-the-art 
statistical process control procedures and regularly perform standardizedcapability studies to maintain the 
highest dimensional and strength standards for critical cable assemblyapplications. 
And our commitment to quality continues in the way our Sales and Engineering departments
deal with you on a day-to-day basis. Our friendly, knowledgeable personnel urge you to involve us from
the earliest stages of your project. We will be happy to assist you in developing designs and
specifications that will result in optimized functionality and maximum cost-effectiveness for all of your
cable and assembly applications.

Need It Fast? Check Out Our Large On-Site Inventory.
To make sure you can get the cable and assemblies you need, when you need them, Sanlo maintains
one of the industry’s largest on-site inventories of wire rope, cable, fittings, and standard cable
assemblies. With more than 100 million feet of cable on hand, coated and uncoated, in a wide variety of
types and diameters, we are equipped to provide immediate response – and the industry’s fastest
turnaround on your order.

Connecting It All With Precision.
Since 1957, Sanlo has been an industry leader in supplying cable and assemblies for a wide range of
commercial and OEM applications. During this time we have built a reputation for quality and
dependability along with a proven track record of providing innovative solutions to customer challenges.