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Sanlo Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies in a wide variety of bare and coated cable configurations. Coatings include nylon, vinyl, and other thermoplastic and/or specialized coatings. A full line of cable end fittings is available to meet your specific application. Wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies provide a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution to an ever-increasing diversity of applications. We manufacture and sell cable assemblies for industrial, commercial, and consumer end-uses which includes aircraft cable. Sanlo offers on-site engineering services to assist with your custom designs and can often prototype your assemblies. Sanlo is a member of the Central Wire Industries (CWI) group of companies.


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Shout out to the Boilermakers!

All of our cable assemblies are developed by Purdue engineers with the utmost precision at our factory in Michigan City, IN. Every Sanlo product passes through our plant in the United States in order to ensure the highest standards are met. Our partners allow us to produce assemblies that are 100% made in the USA when required.

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We are a part of the Central Wire Rope and Assemblies Division, the leading manufacturer of “Made and Melted in the USA” wire rope, aircraft cable, fittings, and assemblies.


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Sanlo manufactures a railcar airhose support cable that is designed to meet or exceed the demands of the AAR’s very strict testing requirements.

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Recreational Vehicles

RV (Trailer) Coiled Cables are the best solution for anyone who is looking to tow a trailer. Coiled Cables reduce the chance of these cables to drag on the ground.

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Recreational Sports

Sanlo manufactures the stainless steel cables that attach to hang-on tree stands. Hang on tree stand cables, end fittings securely pressed to support weight, color matched to fit your brand, end fittings plated black to reduce glare.

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Sanlo manufactures a full line of nonconductive fish tapes. Our durable nylon jacket protects the core and increases lubricity so you can push our tapes farther. We can extrude profiles to reduce friction and we offer customer color matching.

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Sanlo provides bead rings to the air suspension market. Bead rings are used on bellow-style air springs and are used for axle support on trucks and trailers.

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Sanlo manufacturers wire rope, end fittings, & all other materials you may need to construct & complete interior or exterior uses in both horizontal, or vertical applications.

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Sanlo offers a full line of retractable lanyards for retail security devices. This product is also used in hospitals to secure nursing instruments, thermometers, and other portable medical monitoring equipment.

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Safety & Emergency

Sanlo manufactures an emergency shutoff cables which provide a shut down of dangerous equipment in emergency situations. These cables are coated in highly visible red vinyl for use on conveyor belt systems. We also sell tiller clamps, eyebolts, and thimbles for easy installation in the field.