Sanlo’s 4 customer service techniques designed to help you succeed

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Sanlo’s 4 customer service techniques designed to help you succeed

Aug 2018 , S. Michele Fry

At Sanlo we have a high degree of respect for our customers. We know that you know what you need or are trying to achieve. If things aren’t going as you expected, we acknowledge your concern and work to fix the problem. We’re here to help you reach your goals. How do we do that?

• We start by listening.
 • We put our engineers on the case.
 • We’ll come to you.
• We also encourage you to come visit us and see the factory.

Lack of listening often leaves a problem unsolved longer than necessary. Sometimes the self-assurance that they’ve done everything right keeps a servicer, supplier, or OEM from hearing the customer’s issue. If things aren’t going as you expected, even if they are just a smidge off, we acknowledge your concern and work to meet your standards.

Sanlo offers wide-ranging technical support that looks beyond our product; we have discovered issues with competitors’ products and seen designs that could have better met the company’s needs. “We can often answer questions regarding products, material, and usage regardless of where the product originated,” says Sanlo General Manager Luke Vandercar. “People remember when you fix their problems. If you can prioritize their needs, they appreciate it. … People appreciate being treated right.”

When a customer or potential customer expresses a need, or sometimes just a wish, our experienced engineering team works to make it happen. Sometimes they take their eye-for-details to the clients’ turf. As an Indiana company not far from Chicago, it’s certainly easy enough for us to visit other facilities when the customer is here in the Midwest, but Sanlo professionals have traveled to most of the United States, and to some international destinations as well, to meet with clients.

At the site they can investigate the customers' problems and needs; they learn how a system works and can ascertain efficiency issues almost immediately. This is an advantage of being more than a sales team. As engineers, they can offer reliable technical and design advice in a timely manner, sometimes on the spot, and product prototypes can often be available within a day.

tour plant facility shop floor

Just as going to your plant helps us, we believe coming to our plant can help you. We offer customers the opportunity to see Sanlo at work. We’re not trying to keep secrets, but somehow even our present customers don’t realize the breadth of what we can do. “Sure, they know we can make a simple assembly, but perhaps they didn’t realize we can provide other services that can often save them labor on their end. That one-stop-shop operation could save them a lot of money,” Vandercar explains.

We’re courting brand new opportunities, too. If a large RFQ comes in, we will follow up with a call. “It’s not just a sales call; it’s to ask what they are working on and to see if we can offer guidance on their project. ... Sometimes we help them consider ways to make their design more efficient,” Vandercar says.

“If a company expresses a sense of urgency, we respond accordingly. We don’t take their emergencies lightly.” When they say they are having, or are on the verge of having, production line issues, we recognize that is a potentially costly issue for them, just as it would be for us, and we want to help.

excursion vinyl nylon cable resin

Maybe they’ve noticed reduced quality, sluggish machinery, or inventory issues. How Sanlo offers help, depends on the issue, but we do everything we can to keep them up and running.

As an example, Vandercar says, we were able to help an RV manufacturer with an issue of product failure. It was costing them in warranties and returns. They were buying their product from a competitor—we hadn’t done business with them before—but they called us. Upon going to their facilities and examining things, our Sanlo team diagnosed a problem with the resin being used. We made the resin correction, and we recommended some design differences for efficiency. We were able to provide them a prototype in less than a day. We’ve now added additional products to their offering and they are one of our top accounts.

“Customers are our priority,” Vandercar says. “We do whatever we can to help them succeed.”

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