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New features on the Sanlo website—easier ordering, bargain products

Jul 2018 , Michele Fry

Exciting things to see on the Sanlo website! New quick flash sale items, starting with trans blue cable, and a fabulous order-by-number feature.

Returning customers have asked for it, so we’ve provided it – order by product number! That option is now available on the Sanlo website. It makes so much sense, we’re glad you asked! Look for the Search Product box on the top of the shopping page.

If you’ve ordered a product from Sanlo before, you will find the product numbers at the top your invoice or receipt under “Item.” Type that number (not a description or product name) into the search box, hit the search product button, and the product will come up, ready for you to choose a quantity and color, if necessary, before adding the item to your cart.

Flash sale

As long as you’re adding things to your cart, check out the sale items. It is our intention to update the sale items more frequently. Scroll to the bottom of the home page to see what’s on the sales rack.

Today, check out this beautiful 1 x 3 trans blue vinyl-coated cable. It’s .068’’ diameter galvanized cable with a choice of coating diameter—either .288 or .324. This multi-purpose wire is ideal for workshop, arts-and-craft, garden, house, and farm applications. It’s great for clotheslines and wipes clean with damp sponge or cloth.