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Cables and Sanlo help to innovate the RV experience

Jun 2018 , S. Michele Fry

As RV engineers and designers look for more ways to fit entire houses into 45 or fewer feet that can be driven or towed by the average person, they often start by examining where the design is now and how it got there. Looking back to the first campers of 100 years ago, when even having a bed and a hot plate was awesome, yet still roughing it, wire played a role in modernizing the motor home.

Sanlo knows strategic use of cable and wire create smart, space-efficient design. Wire rope, cable, and winch systems made pop-up campers feasible. Eventually an engineer determined how to make parts of vehicle go out not just up. As long as the base could support the weight when the vehicle was in motion, more options were available when it was standing still. So sliding rooms go in – and out – and suddenly there’s more space in that home on wheels. Cables and pulleys are a necessary support to the system mechanics.

Even before the slide-out room mechanisms were wired up, cables were making the motor home space more usable. It often started with the bed. Designs using release cables allowed beds to be raised and lowered, creating a bedroom only when it was needed. To support beds and canvases designers choose white vinyl-coated cable that blends into the background. But Sanlo makes many colors to match any background color. Or colored cables could add aesthetic interest.

This continued upgrading and improving keep RV designs becoming more homelike and user-friendly. With more moving parts, engineers and designers are always exploring the possibilities. The space has expanded. Awnings first allowed campers to sit outside their trailer space. When designers and engineers realized that some of these RV adventurers wanted to extend their recreational vehicle living space without extending their time on the ground, the portable and attachable deck, with support cables rated up to 7,000 lbs., created added space and an added luxury.

The RV revolution continues. With Sanlo’s ability to custom-coat and make cable assemblies and fittings, it can be a significant part of the future design of RVs. Sanlo has already made a mechanical system to easily turn ramp doors, like the ones on toy haulers, into “party decks.” Hello, multi-use design.

Do you already have a design of your own? Then use’s Custom Cable Assembly Configurator to securely share your requirements and speed up the design and order process. Even order what you need at Sanlo Shop Online. Sanlo designers and engineers are eager to partner with RV engineers to keep the innovations coming. Being near Elkhart County, Indiana, the RV capital of the world, has helped Sanlo sharpen its knowledge and design skill. 

Sanlo’s General Manager Luke Vandercar says: “We oftentimes get a call in the morning, drive over in the afternoon, and design a custom cable on site.  We offer rapid prototyping to prove out the concept, many times in only a few days.”