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Sanlo’s Red Cable Conveys Safety

May 2018 , S. Michele Fry

Conveyor systems come in different styles and models—screw, roller, chain and, the most well-known, the belt. Besides moving items from place to place, they have another common feature—the safety system. That’s where Sanlo Inc. comes in. We make the cable that operates shutdown systems and lockout terminals. High-quality, stainless-steel stranded wire from Strand Core is at the core of the vinyl coated cord. Sanlo then extrudes colored polymer over the cable on one of many cable extrusion lines. The most used color in the U.S. is bright red, signaling danger and stop. Orange is a popular color as well; we do both.


(Heavy industries, such as mining, rely on strong durable emergency shutdown cables for ore conveyors.)

We’re serious about providing high-quality wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies. Many jobs in manufacturing are dependent on conveyor cable systems. From auto assemblers to warehouse packers, 12.6 million people in America were working in manufacturing facilities in February 2018, according to the Federal Reserve Economic Data. Although all those workers may not be around conveyor belts, their safety is a major concern. Yet the conveyor systems are fundamental in companies large, small, and in-between—from Amazon to the sushi restaurant around the corner, from FedEx to Piggly Wiggly. The stopping devices paramount to controlling an emergency situation are dependent on the quality and reliability of emergency shutoff cables.

We manufacture and sell cost-effective cable assemblies for industrial, commercial, and consumer end uses and offer on-site engineering services that specialize in custom design. We also sell tiller clamps, eyebolts, and thimbles for easy field installation, and we can often prototype your assembly during our visit.

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