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7 x 7 Moderately Flexible

7 X 7 Cable is used with, small diameter wire rope slings, stay wires, fencing rope, catenary wire, garage door cables, standing rigging, hanging signs, & Ski-lifts

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7 x 7 Moderately-Flexible Galvanized cable is Used where extreme flexibility is not needed. Often used in aircraft and automotive controls as well as a wide range of other mechanical applications.

7 x 7 Moderately-Flexible Stainless Steel cable is durable with greater flexibility and abrasion resistance. This is a good general purpose construction type for applications requiring strength and flexibility. Often used over pulleys and in pull-pull cable controls.

7 x 19 Extra Flexible

7 x 19 Extra-Flexible among the strongest and most flexible of cables, providing high stretch. Used where high flexibility and materials fatigue are concerns.

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