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Loop-Eye standard lanyards are nylon coated aircraft cables. 25 Lanyards per pack.

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These lanyards are not designed for lifting

These lanyards have a natural color, nonconductive nylon coating that will not interfere with sensitive equipment. The cable is a 3/64" diameter 7 x 7 stainless wire rope with a nylon coating providing a 1/16"overall diameter. The stainless steel provides more corrosion resistance than galvanized cable. Eye fittings have a  3/16" ID. For screwing or bolting the lanyard to a to a flat surface, choose loop with tab. The tab is stainless steel, 1 1/4" long, and has a  3/16" dia. hole.


Eye / Eye stainless steel standard lanyards. 7 X 7 nonconductive nylon coated cables. 25 lanyards per pack.

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